Monday, May 6, 2013

Reading 35

I have finally finished studying Reading 35 on price multiples. It is quite a long reading, and the video lecture I watched was long as well (of course).

The reading itself is not that hard. I think the main thing to remember is the way to find the justified price multiples. (e.g. the justified P/E based on fundamentals is D0(1+g)/r-g.). If you can remember those, then you know most of the reading. Peter Olinto says that because these come up in other readings (within equity), there is a high chance these will be tested.

I highly recommend watching the lecture videos, because he explains things very well, and repeats the concepts. This helps cement the knowledge into your brain. It's also a different way of learning (from reading the curriculum) which is good for your brain.

There is less than one month to go until the June 2013 exams. If you are sitting these exams, I hope you have almost finished your main study, and are starting revision now. This last month is the most intense time and the most important. Trust me, the feeling when you pass will be worth it. Good luck and go hard!

25 days until the June 2013 exams.
396 days until the June 2014 exams.   

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Jojo said...

hi i am planning to take cfa level one in june2014, whats your suggestion for study?